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Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is an organization dedicated to promoting academic excellence and innovation. CIC works collaboratively with conference organizing committees to improve the quality of academic conferences, by providing a range of services including preparing promotional materials, organizing conferences, reviewing abstracts and full papers, and evaluating conference presentations. CIC believes that academic conferences are important platforms for scholars to exchange research results, discuss key topics, build teamwork, and promote academic standards.



KCE-CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN ALGORITHMS (KCE-COEA) is interested in the theoretical and practical aspects of Computing Science. This group intends do research to find solution to algorithmic problems arising in a plethora of applications, intended for future. We have initiated KCE-COEA to cultivate competitive programming culture among the budding engineers.

The group has broad interests including 

  • Data Structures: Focus on doing fundamental research in data structures which are used in many domains (Data Analytics, Compiler Design and Networks)  

  • Distributed and Parallel algorithms: focus on parallel and distributed processing of Big Data using tools such as Hadoop and other cloud based parallel data processing frameworks. Application areas for these techniques include processing of large scale medicine and agricultural data sets.

  • Graph Theory and Visualization: Focus on research in Texture analysis and classification, Digital video analysis and explore all aspects of research into the theory and application of combinatorics and graph theory.

  • Machine Learning and Optimization algorithms- focus on developing novel machine learning algorithms and efficient optimization algorithms for solving big data problems. 

  • Social Relevant Research: Focus on doing research projects in sectors of Agriculture, medicine environment, health, energy, defense, etc. These projects will contribute to the national development goals

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